Here I am,  just another millennial that quit her job, started a blog and hoped for the best.

And you know what the worst part is?

Having to explain what I “do”. Especially to my future husband’s grandparents who built their fortune with their bare hands on a farm back East.

I usually just stick to saying that I work from home, or I only mention my Amazon FBA business.

So how did I get here? It’s a long story, but basically I got bit by the “entrepreneurship”  bug 3 years ago haven’t been able to keep a “job” for more than 6 months ever since. And not because I keep getting fired, but because the pull towards the life that I want has been so strong that it’s made it impossible for me to stay happy at any jobs.

I walked away from several promising jobs/careers from ranging from Finance to the Wine Industry, baffling friends and colleagues alike.Basically my cycle was: I’d get a job out of necessity (need of liquidity, networking, etc) and would quit as soon as I thought I was ready to be self-employed.

Not very functional.

Why on Earth did I do things that way? Here are the top ten reasons it took me until 24 to figure out what the fuck I’m doing with my life.

1.) I came from a poor working class family, and didn’t even know what the word “Entrepreneur” was 3 years ago.

2.) I had poor financial management in my first business, and put myself $10,000 into debt. I have spent the last 2 years paying that off, and am bootstrapping from now on.

3.) I had to do literally thousands of hours worth of research on ways to work for yourself. After discovering podcasts such as The Tim Ferris Show*, and Travel Like a Boss* I decided I wanted to make money online. Thus many more hours of research figuring out where I fit in on the Internet.

4.) I got really discouraged after my first business failed, choosing to believe that I was not cut out for entrepreneurship or success. It took me almost 9 months to climb out of that crippling depression.

5.) I was homeless or nearly homeless for about a year after fleeing an abusive relationship-naturally that set me back emotionally and monetarily.

6.) I played the blame game, doing what I had done my whole adult life. Avoiding taking personal responsibility for my life because I felt it was out of my control.

7.) I suffer from what some would call “analysis paralysis”, a term I first heard on the Project Life Mastery* channel. This is when you over-analyze a situation/proposition/etc to the point where you don’t take any action for fear of making the wrong choice.

8.) I always thought I would be a famous singer. In fact I was so convinced of this that I was not at all prepared for real life after high school.

9.) I made poor choices in friends and priorities for a number of years.

10.) I learn best by trial and error, which is a lengthly and costly way to learn. I am better at doing my homework now, as supposed to being spontaneous. However I still believe that sometimes the best way to get where you are going is by following your intuition. Even if you are not sure you know where it’s taking you.

I will write another post about what I actually do with my time soon. I promise.

I suppose all I really want to make sure I get through to you is that no matter how many wrong turns or mistakes you make, it is important that you never stop following your inner compass and searching for more. You are unique and no one else in the world has what you have to offer, or can do what you do best better than you.

Thank you, come again. DSC_0179


Podcast – The Tim Ferriss Show





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