Getting to the REAL Reason “Why?” : Why having a “Why” is so Important in Business and in Life

A “Why” is a term used across the “self-improvement” and Entreprenurial worlds. Essentially, a “Why” is the strongest most compelling reason why you want to do whatever is you daydream about. A “Why” is key to success in life and business, and therefor is very powerful. A true why will make you cry (or if you are not the crying type) it will at least make you have a strong emotional reaction.

You can have more than one “Why” and your why will change and go deeper with time. For example, I had a business coach when I worked in direct sales that had two main “Why’s”. Her first initial “Why” was that she needed to make a career out of direct sales because her health kept her from pursuing her career in the restaurant industry. It was either live off the government and live a mediocre life, or find a way to make an income on her own time that is flexible for her health. That, as you can imagine, is a really strong reason “Why” and got her pretty far in her business. However with time, she began to need another “Why” to take her to the next level and organically realized her passion for coaching. Her new and deeper “Why” is helping other women realize their best lives and full potential.

A compelling “Why” for doing what you’re doing is so important! It keeps you motivated even through the toughest decisions and times. A “Why” is the underlying theme of your life and your work!

Another reason a “Why” is so important, is it acts as an inner compass. Keeping you on track and in alignment with what dreams and your plans of achieving them. It will help you clarify what is the wrong or right decision in any situation. When you are in touch with your “Why”, you become stronger and much harder to sway away from your path to success.

“Journaling on and thinking on these topics should get you pretty close to your ‘Why’ if not right on it. Your “Why” should go deep, it should go to your core, it should literally physically move you. When I realized my deepest ‘Why’ I cried for about an hour.”

So… This is all great girlfriend, but how the hell do I figure out what my “Why” even is???

Here is a quick exercise you can meditate and journal on to get to your true “WHY”

Make sure you are in a good state of mind. Pick your most creative time of day, and set aside part of it to really get in touch with yourself. Then sit down and journal on these questions.

1.) (Start on the Surface) What do I spend my time on during the day, week, month, year? 

  • Don’t spend too much time here, just break down what it is you do and spend time on. This is to give yourself perspective.

2.) What would your ideal life look like by day, month, year? Where are you? Who is with you? What are you doing?  Where are you making an impact? 

  • Again, take your time here. Take even more time than with the first question. REALLY let yourself DREAM AGAIN.

3.) What are you naturally very good at and enjoy doing? 

  • What is it that you wish you could do more of? What do people come to you for help or advice about? What do you get complimented on the most?

4.) Let’s just say that you made $20,000 a month, what would you spend the money on? Daily, monthly, yearly? 

  • I know, money isn’t everything, but  this question will help you figure out what’s really important to you. We spend money on things that are important or meaning full to us. Maybe make a prioritized list? Get creative!

5.) Literally write down 50+ reasons why you want to do _______. 

  • An example would be you want to start an online boutique but have been too timid to take any action. Write down 50 reasons why you want to start that boutique so badly! Economic freedom, love of fashion, a way to connect other women to cheap cute clothes, etc.

Journaling on and thinking on these topics should get you pretty close to your “Why” if not right on it. Your “Why” should go deep, it should go to your core, it should literally physically move you. When I realized my deepest “Why” I cried for about an hour.

When you get to your “Why”, put it in a mission statement! Make it memorable and palpable so that you can find it and draw energy from it when things are tough. You can do this by putting it on your vision board, car dash-board, mirror. Somewhere it is always accessable for inspiration. Eg. “I started this Amazon FBA business as a way to earn a living, wealthy wage and spend more time with my family. My boys are 7 and 9, and I won’t miss another game or another lost tooth because I’m working 60+ hours a week for someone else’s dream .”

Get Specific. Get Creative. Do not underrate the power of inspiration.

Do not underestimate the power of “WHY”.


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