Your Blog is Your Resume!! Lessons Learned from my First Application to a Freelance Writing Gig

It’s been a while guys. I keep avoiding writing because I keep reading other blogs that are more put together and polished then mine. I keep thinking, “What could I possibly have to offer or say that hasn’t already been said?”, and many other such silly things.

It’s funny the things that we tell ourselves when we are stepping out of our comfort zone.

I’ve stopped playing the comparison game though. I am no longer giving thoughts of self doubt and comparison the space they previously took up in my life.

Recently a friend of mine recommended that I apply for a position at her company, It was a research/writing job in the Personal Finance field,and I happen to have a lot of knowledge and education in. What a golden opportunity!

Here’s what happened:

1.) I spent 6 hours composing an email to their hiring manager for the US along with a BEAUTIFUL resume.

2.) Their hiring manager got back to me right away, and asked me for some writing samples. I naturally sent a link to my blog.

3.) She emailed me back saying, in short, that I was not the best fit for the position. They needed someone with more financial experience.

Let me just say that I am in no way dissing, I think it’s a fabulous company and browser, and their hiring manager was extremely thoughtful and prompt in our communication about this position.

In fact, I highly recommend you guys check out There is tons of great content there that have helped me make some wiser consumer choices. Go check them out!!

Back the story: The moral of the story is that – even though I made an immaculate resume – my blog told my story for them. In this virtual land that I am trying to find my place in, my blog is my voice, my resume, my very own piece of the internet.

What a learning curve! Needless to say my inspiration and why for why I started my blog have been affirmed and redefined. I am here to share my journey and what I have learned in hopes that I will add value to the lives and minds of my readers.

You guys are awesome and feel free to share any thoughts or comments!! – photos

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